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I'm also a big fan of Abcosat. They installed my system at Camp SYKES in Talafaar and it has run beautifully ever since. When they were lining up the satellite dish on the roof, the most almighty rainstorm started, and the 2 engineers refused to come down off the roof until they had completed their work. When eventually they climbed down they looked like a pair of drowned rats.

The equipment currently we are using is a Hughes Direcway, which looks like a 4-ring binder standing on its side. This is connected to our dish on the roof. The output from the server is connected to a Linksys wireless transmitter, from which we access our laptops by wireless transmission within the villa.

Camp SYKES in Talafaar
I did want to express my thanks for all your help while I personally was working in Iraq. Though it can always be stressful with internet services in Iraq, your company always provided the professional service in quick response. You have great engineers working in your company. Engineer Raad is definitely top notch. Thank you. Though I will not be returning, Earth Tech will maintain a presence in Iraq and I trust you will continue the great service you have always provided. I wish you the best in your business endeavors.

Best Regards,

Gretchen Wyly
Earth Tech, Inc.
We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your service. Thank you for your time and assistance with our internet system.

SSG Christian
Karkush Camp
My company and I have been extremely thankful for the service that has been provided to us while deployed here in Iraq. It is really hard to describe how much Abcosat and its associates are appreciated. Because of these guys, our deployment has been so much easier due to our ability to communicate with home and being able to continue to have a sense of growth with our families at home, even at such a far distance. I have more satisfaction with this company than I could ever imagine.

I give my highest recommendation for this companies plan for expansion. Their level of service combined with DirecWay product has proved to be a prosperous and highly successful combination. Abcosat and their associates are the greatest people I've met out here.

Abcosat has provided me and my company outstanding service and support. From the beginning they provided me with information in great detail about all of the different products and services that is provided. After I decided what I wanted, they were here the next day to setup the internet. Within a few hours the service was up and running. Since then we had complications with some equipment the army set up in front of our satellite and Abcosat came out expediently and moved the satellite to another area. Every bit of service that has been provided has been done with deep knowledge of the product and with a great attitude.

I have had this service since May 2004. I initially spent around $7400 for the product and the first 3 months service. And so far I've spent a total of $12, 200. Every bit has been worth having this service as our gateway to home. I will be leaving Iraq in February 2005 so regrettably I will have to leave the service. But before I do, I will definitely sell the equipment and make sure that the company replacing us will pick up on this service.

Sgt. Guy Nguyen
e-mail: Josephduy13@aol.com

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