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High-Speed Broad Band Internet Service In Iraq and Afghanistan

We are proud to be the appointed US partner for Hughes Network Systems providing service in all US camps in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just like your Internet service at home, you'll be able to e-mail, share photos, download music, surf the Web and get business done from your location in Iraq and Afghanistan. Getting on-line overseas has never been easier!

Similar to your service at home, you will need VSAT equipment and to select a service plan based on your number of users, applications and speed requirements. Our team will be there every step of the way to assist you in getting your services up and running as quickly as possible.

Extensive Iraq and Afghanistan Coverage

We are the only American-based company serving all areas of Iraq and Afghanistan including all military camps, business development and reconstruction zones, remote locations, and other regions of the Middle East. No need to dig through a long list of camps to see if we service your area, if you are there - we are there.

Experience our Quality

Abcosat has partnered with Hughes Network Systems to provide high-speed Internet services and communication solutions using the satellite technology of their state-of-the-art network. This means better network availability and performance - ensuring your service is available when you need it with a 99.95% guarantee.

Abcosat Customer Service is available 7 days a week. You'll work directly with a knowledgeable Abcosat team member - not a third party or middleman that doesn't speak your language.

Simplicity and Expertise

For single users or small groups, we provide you with everything you need to have your service working in just hours and can even install the service for you if you prefer. Our instructions are straight forward, and our service is outstanding. Should you require hands-on installation assistance, we have installers that are available at an extra cost, depending on your location.

For complex networking applications, we have experts close by. Abcosat is the only Hughes partner with satellite locations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our professionals are available for consulting as well as on-site visits for all of your information technology needs. Visit our Business Solutions section for more detailed information on our network and consulting services.

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